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Welcome to the first step of our journey into creating a conversational chatbot! In this section, we will be focusing on setting up our work environment, which is the first step to any coding project.



Since this is an intermediate level course, please ensure you've gone through the Griptape Setup - Visual Studio Code course to set up your environment. We will be starting from the code at that point.

  1. Code Editor: We recommend using Visual Studio Code for this course, due to its handy features and Python support. However, if you have another favorite IDE or text editor, feel free to use that!

  2. Python 3.9+: Griptape requires Python 3.9+.

  3. Python Environment Manager (for VS Code users): This extension is not a hard requirement, but it does make managing your Python environments a lot easier.

  4. OpenAI API Key: Our chatbot will be powered by gpt-4, which requires an API key from OpenAI. You can get your key from OpenAI's website.

Got everything installed? Awesome! Now, let's get started setting up our project.

Create a Project

Following the instructions in Griptape Setup - Visual Studio Code please:

  1. Create your project folder. Example: griptape-chatbot-with-rulesets-cli
  2. Set up your virtual environment
  3. Ensure you pip install griptape python-dotenv
  4. Create a .env file with your OPENAI_API_KEY
  5. Create your file with the following code:
from dotenv import load_dotenv

from griptape.structures import Agent

load_dotenv() # Load your environment

# Create an agent
agent = Agent()

# Run the agent"I'm ready to chat.")

And there we have it, our coding environment is all set up! In the next section: The Chat Utility, we'll look at one of the quickest ways of creating a Chatbot with Griptape.