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Griptape Trade School

Step into a project-based journey to master the Griptape library. It's as delightful as your morning cup of coffee, only with an added swirl of loops, logic, and a splash of creativity.

# Import an Agent and a tool
from griptape.structures import Agent
from import WebScraper

# Create an Agent and give it a tool
agent = Agent(tools=[WebScraper(off_prompt=False)])

# Run the Agent "Hi, can you summarize for me?" )

How we teach

  • Projects


    We believe that the best learning experience is by creating with a clear goal. All our courses are project-based, meaning you're applying concepts in real-world scenarios, enhancing your understanding.

  • Code Snippets


    How can you learn coding without helpful snippets? We use actual code, with actual line numbers, highlighting changes as you work your way through the class.

    # Run an agent"Teach me Griptape!")
  • Text, Video, Whatever


    Some concepts are taught best through text. Others through video. And still others require both.

    We're happy to provide all of it!

  • How can we help?


    We love any and all feedback!

    Do you have a new idea for a course? Drop us a line in our Discord, or log a request at Griptape Trade School Github!